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Lose Weight

Our Programs Are




We take into account your age, activity and desired results.


Not all programs are alike, so if you just want an effective cleanse, are under 18 or 65 or perhaps you're a competitive athlete your protocol will be uniquely your own.










This unique program is a body cleanse that as a result women lose 30 lbs in 30 days and men much more. Rapid, safe and sustainable and working with many physicians, clients find that they are coming off their medications before they ever lose a substantial amount of weight, usually in the first 2 weeks of starting the program. The symptoms of every thing from Fibromyalgia to snoring miraculously disappear. Infinite Possibilities also offers programs for children, people who have no weight to lose but want to “cleanse” and a program for those over 65 who want to feel good inside and out.

Being thin does not always equate to being healthy! This program is designed for people who have little or no weight to lose but who may want to do a body cleanse. This program will also help people who have illnesses and would like to get off of their medications.

This program is designed for those who are under 18 years of age. Depending on the age group we welcome children under 18 years of age to participate in our orientation. It is very educational and informative and will help put them on the right track to understanding food and how and what they eat plays a major role in their health now and as they get older. There is a food plan as well as an exercise program children can do at home that has proven to result in not only weight loss but has a tremendous impact on their self esteem.

As we get older our needs change and the quality of the food we ingest becomes more important than the quantity. This program best serves those over 65 years of age. Because of the science behind this program, it is often referred to as “rediscovering the fountain of youth” and shows incredible results in the first 10 days. Those participating in this program also benefit from the reduction or elimination of many of their medications through the involvement of their physician. There is no reason why you can’t feel good and look good at any age!

Although exercising is not necessary to do with any of our programs and can actually prevent weight loss in certain cases, we do have some people who come to us who have incorporated heavy work out regimens into their daily routine. Current athletes, professional sportsmen, etc. are now able to participate in our body cleanse and have the same weight loss results that before seemed almost impossible.

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