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The Difference




Infinite Possibilities is a holistic health and wellness center that offers guaranteed weight loss and guaranteed sustainability. The founder, Shima Chayvet, at one point was 260 lbs with triglycerides at almost 800. She remembers getting on a scale and her son saying to her, “what does it say mom, to be continued?” Shima had tried every diet and came to understand that diets don’t work. She would start a diet, lose a few pounds and then get so depressed realizing how much more weight she had to lose and start eating again. Shima wanted to try the gym scene as well but back in the day people wore black leotards and at her weight she wasn’t exactly going to prance around in tights. She convinced herself that there were no calories if she only ate the crumbs from the cookies, there were no calories if she ate standing over the kitchen sink and there were absolutely no calories if she ate from your plate instead of her own. She was completely out of control and knew only one thing for sure, she wanted the same instant gratification in losing weight that she got when she ate.

So the research began. Her interest in holistic medicine took her to Ayurvedic medicine and courses in reflexology and acupressure. Shima understood one very important point, everything she thought she knew or was told about food was a lie. Thirteen years later she opened Infinite Possibilities’ first office in Ossining, New York at 140 lbs and no hanging skin. It is a simple program based on a 2,000 year-old methodology and food you can buy at your local grocery store. Through word of mouth only there are now 7 offices. Three in New York, two in New Jersey and two in Florida. 

This unique program is a body cleanse that as a result women lose 30 lbs in 30 days and men much more. Rapid, safe and sustainable and working with many physicians, clients find that they are coming off their medications before they ever lose a substantial amount of weight, usually in the first 2 weeks of starting the program. The symptoms of every thing from Fibromyalgia to snoring miraculously disappear. Infinite Possibilities also offers programs for children, people who have no weight to lose but want to “cleanse” and a program for those over 70 who want to feel good inside and out.

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